Smart Technology and Farming: Real-time control of pig-life

The great desire of the pig-farming industry becomes a reality with the PigControl software packaged by Connecting Agri & Food, subsidiary of the Dutch company “DLV Advies” and developed by Tagologic and Inimco. At any time of the day the business owner is completely in charge of controlling his business in response to accurate information consisting of the current status within departments of the stables on the farm.

Selecting the right sensor for the right job is not an easy feat. Whether a particular gas sensor is suitable for a specific application will depend in heavily on the sensor’s attributes, the environment it’s being specified for, and the job it’s being asked to perform. For the vast majority, Inimco has solved a myriad of industry challenges providing accuracy, reliability, repeatability and a wide range of features to meet these particular requirements based on quality, manageability and reliability at an affordable price.

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About DLV Advies: DLV Advies Consultancy is an independent consultancy for entrepreneurs, farmers and public bodies in the agricultural sector. Our specialists provide advice worldwide on construction, business management, land and livestock, and connecting the parties in the supply chain. Our in-depth expertise in each of our wide range of areas gives us unparalleled insight into the whole of the international agricultural playing field.

About Tagologic: Tagologic is an innovative Dutch technology company that developed and patented a technology to worldwide unique code, specify and identify all digital and physical objects. The Tagologic TAG is designed for multiple branches and products: extended product information, counterfeit and chain optimization and transparency.

About Inimco: Inimco is a consultancy company specialized in helping customers to innovate, improve processes and find new business opportunities based on Smart Technology. We combine a pragmatic methodology with broad enterprise experience and in-depth technical knowledge.