TOMRA Leverages IoT to Revolutionize Recycling


Adding value with Microsoft and the Internet of Things

TOMRA Insight, a new digital service, uses IoT to connect recycling equipment and collect data across the recycling supply chain, leveraging big data to generate insights. TOMRA Insight customers get real-time visibility on recycling equipment, which they use to optimize efficiency and enable smart alarms. They can also connect with backend ERP and partner systems for integration with other business processes.

TOMRA turned to Microsoft and its partner Inimco to create the backbone for their technology, choosing Azure for its enterprise scale and Azure IoT and other services for their secure design. Ease of integration with other Microsoft and third-party technologies is a major benefit.

“Our machines are being installed around the world, so we needed a solution that would support our growth while maintaining the highest security standards to protect our customers’ data,” says Dr. Felix Flemming, vice president and head of digital TOMRA sorting. “Azure integrates easily into our business environment and most of our customers’.”