AkzoNobel Production Performance Portal

The Inimco team is proud that one of our biggest implementations so far, the AkzoNobel Production Performanc Portal, was shown for the first time to the public during the PPA (Productie Proces Automatisering) event in The Netherlands.

The Production Performance Portal is a cloud based solution which allows AkzoNobel to centrally monitor, analyze and manage their most critical production processes. At this point in time, four different production plants are integrated in the solution (Como , Barcelona, Ghangzhou and Maua), but the ultimate goal is to include all production plants throughout the world in the portal.

Inimco has designed and implemented the solution for AkzoNobel, which allows to:

  • easily integrate new production plants of the AkzoNobel group;
  • calculate the OEE of each production line;
  • compare the efficiency of different plants in an unbiased manner;
  • minimize decentral components and infrastructure
  • integrate with the internal SAP system
  • predict when maintenance will be needed

The solution was presented during the PPA event by Evert Nooijen (Enterprise Architect at AkzoNobel) and Hans Bos (Microsoft). The slides of the presentation (in Dutch) can be downloaded from the PPA site.