Incosa Solutions

Incosa solutions develops and distributes worldwide electronic devices for safety applications on lifting equipment.  Industrial lifting is a fast growing business with many security and maintenance aspects:


  • Load limiting: check equipment on a wide range of overload controls, summing of multiple hoists on a single crane or crane-to-crane summing;
  • Tandem cranes: trolley and hoist motions need to be monitored at all times when cranes operate in tandem;
  • Multi-level cranes: collisions on cranes on different levels must be avoided (e.g. prevent upper cranes from lowering if there is a crane underneath);
  • Runway protection: runways have a maximum capacity , so it is important to avoid overloading the runway as a whole, if different cranes are fully loaded;
  • Maintenance: regular maintenance of heavy lifting equipment is expensive, but mandatory;


Inimco has developed a central platform which allows the cranes to communicate with their operators through the cloud.  Users see a dashboard that presents a wealth of information, including:

  • Location of the cranes
  • Load spectrum
  • Number of motions
  • Overload events
  • Reporting on historical data
  • Safe Working Period
  • Power
  • Torque
  • Etcetera

It is also possible to have a real-time view on the cranes, allowing the user to see motions, load, drive status, motor current, temperature, vibrations, overload or slack rope status.  The platform continuously monitors critical parameters and will send you an e-mail or message if a parameters exceeds a preset value.

The portal is available for end-customers, but also to resellers who need to follow-up on the maintenance requirements of the cranes of their customers.