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Increase Operational Efficiency

Inimco provides a central platform for IoT applications with a focus on performance of production equipment, processes and machine connectivity , located across multiple locations

The challenge : lack of aggregated visibility on productivity data

Data is scattered and not immediately available

Difficult to compare between production plants

Inefficiencies remain unnoticed

A central, future-proof and open solution offering

Real-time aggregation and enrichment of data (from detailed process data to multi-site KPI’s and benchmarking)

Integration into existing applications (PowerBi, Office, ERP, etc)

Fast and scalable rollouts with a minimal on-site footprint

Calculation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Measuring OEE is a manufacturing best practice. By measuring OEE and the underlying losses, you will gain important insights on how to systematically improve your manufacturing process.  The Inimco platform collects data from all machines & equipment, and calculates the OEE (availability, performance & quality).

Minimal effort to add locations

Even if your machines or equipment are geographically dispersed, it is very easy to add additional locations, production plants or equipment.  The sensors in the machines only need to have access to Internet to upload the data to the central platform.  No major investment per location needed !

Standardized calculation & reporting

Uniform calculation of KPI’s over all facility plants, which enables correct benchmarking in between the different production locations.

How does the Inimco solution work ?

Inimco Cloud and IoT framework on Microsoft Azure

Real-time data is processed, aggregated and enriched with production data

Intelligent Edge devices are deployed on-site and autoconfigured

Productivity data is immediately available on all levels